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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
this doesn't even make sense. FM would need at least one or two days between Mac gigs in order for Lindsey's plan to make sense... like, how could he do solo shows if they booked Mac shows.....

She's always had like stretches with fairly close shows mixed with stretches with 3-4 days off. Hence, Chrissie Hynde having time to do solo shows in between. I just don't see how FM would have been different....

was he proposing that they go from city to city faster so the expense of moving all the musicians and equipment would be more streamlined??
yup. the numbers may not be exact, but you get the point. FM always has few days in between, just like Stevie solo. LB could easily fit small venue dates in the same area in between, just like Chrissie did.

so sounds more and more like it was power play all along, as we thought.

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