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Originally Posted by wondergirl9847 View Post

I'm sad things have happened this way. Even if he does sit just this one tour out and comes back for a "Farewell" tour, things have gotten so ugly, it will be yucky. Fans are divided, various fandoms are at each other's throats and it's making it hard to be an FM fan, which SUCKS because I love this stupid band and their amazing music. If this tour w/o LB does gangbusters, then you'll have people rubbing it in everyone's face saying "See, don't need him." It makes me wanna vomit. Then, you have folks who have seen changes from the beginning who are excited about the newbies. That's fine, I get why they are excited, but this whole ordeal has tainted the aura of Fleetwood Mac, to me.

P.S. Asking the PROMOTERS who they'd rather have in the f***ing band? REALLY, MICK? Jesus.
I thought of you when the news broke, as well as some Ledgies who aren't around much anymore, like Gerald.
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