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Originally Posted by MrStevie View Post
Donald Trump has had a couple of bankruptcies and he's worth more too. Mick has more sources of income than John. Lindsey has more sources than the others combined x infinity. John and Stevie have music and that's about it. John gets no publishing royalties as Stevie does.
What other sources of income does Lindsey have other than his music and album production of FM? To my knowledge he has no other artists signed to a record label and no other business outside of FM and his solo music career.

At least Mick has 101 failed ventures (and probably a few successful ones). We've had apparel, drum machines, wine, Tallman Records, cattle farms and who knows what else that Mick has dabbled in over the years. Oh and at least four other bands - The Zoo, MF Band, MF Blues Band and Island Rumours Band.

I remember in the days pre-Spice Girls when Christine was listed as having a worth of $25 million (or maybe it was pounds?) in an article on rich female singers in the UK. That was before every second person who thought they had talent could make a million.
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