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I think $45 million sounds like it's in the right ballpark; perhaps a smidge on the low end of the range. Although Lindsey has made a lot of money between publishing, Rumours and touring, his solo albums and tours have been money losers. One also has to realize that his money was earned in spurts, i.e., whenever Fleetwood Mac got together, and that there were long dry spells (e.g., 1998 - 2002) during which he made no income other than some nominal royalties. Other factors to consider:

-Rumours royalties were split 3-to-5 ways.
-The bulk of Fleetwood Mac albums was sold during the $8.98 LP era.
-Concert tours did not really become lucrative until the 1990s.
-There were managers, lawyers, accountants and agents to pay.
-Easily 50%+ of his income was taken away for taxes.
-Who knows how much of a hit he took during the Great Recession of 2007 - 2009?
-Baby mommas who have been deluded into thinking they are talented need their vanity projects supported.

Also, anecdotally speaking, Lindsey lives in a very nice house. But it is hardly a castle. It is on a fairly conventional residential street (not particularly well maintained BTW) that could be in Anytown, USA. You could kinda say the same thing about Stevie's house in the Palisades, but at least it is up on the hill.
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