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I am perplexed; Whilst I grew up in the 1980's and have nothing but fond memories of that decade, I seem to have very few 80's albums in my collection and would therefore seem to have a very limited knowledge of albums from that decade.
Therefore I would love to list 'The Best' of that decade but unfortunately do not have anywhere near a wide enough knowledge to be able to profess 'The Best'.
However, these albums would appear to be my favourite of what I do know from that decade.

Favourite Albums of the 1980's:

1) Brother in Arms- Dire Straits (1985)

2) The Stone Roses- The Stone Roses (1989)

3) Number of the Beast- Iron Maiden (1982)

3) Life's Rich Pageant- REM (1986)

4) Sound Affects- The Jam (1980)

5) The Raw and the Cooked- Fine Young Cannibals (1989)

6) Freaky Styley- Red Hot Chili Peppers (1985)

7) Rio- Duran Duran (1982)

8) A Kind of Magic- Queen (1986)

9) Clues- Robert Palmer (1980)

10) Top Gun- Motion Picture Soundtrack- Various Artists (1986)

Honourable mentions: Appetite for Destruction- Guns n Roses, Born in the USA- Bruce Springsteen, True Blue- Madonna, Invisible Touch- Genesis, Club Classics Vol 1- Soul II Soul, Running in the Family- Level 42

I've omitted all Fleetwood Mac-related releases, only included one release per artist and tried to omit compilations (though I couldn't leave Top Gun off as its so quintessentially 1980's).

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