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Originally Posted by Ms Moose View Post
Great, thanks mistermike.

How kitchen-zink sixties-Britain: they live in a cellar....

I wonder who filmed it and how on earth did that piece of film ended up in the clip?

Ms Moose
Yes this is a real curio .There must be more footage of what happens next somewhere, hidden away in somebody's basement !
Talking of which Danny is coming out of a basement not a cellar, as I believe a cellar has no windows and the steps are within the building Whereas many houses in london have basements which are below street level and have steps going down to them directly from the pavement but have coventional windows with a to allow as much light as possible in Often these were made into seperate flats some time in the history of the buiding ,but because they got less light etc the rents were lower than the flats above them, so flat sharing musicians, 'actors and artists, tended to favour them ,espcially in areas like Chelsea and Notting Hill .Also several Lonon recording studios were in basements

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