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Originally Posted by TrueFaith77 View Post
So what do Mac fans think?

Iím finding the album to be pretty, uplifting, and wacky in ways that indicate a liberated artistic perspective and shared love.

Keep an Eye on Dan has been running over and over in my head on a loop.
I really can't answer as just a Mac fan since I loved ABBA first but it is a very good album the usual couple of cheesy tracks keep it from being a complete masterpiece but then it wouldn't be ABBA without them. The real high for me is the double whammy of I Can be That Woman and Keep an Eye on Dan is stunning divorce pop really approaching the crowning glory of The Winner Takes It All as far as Agnetha's performance goes. She and Frida sound so great on here .What a generous goodbye gesture to their fans. I know we won't be getting any such thing from another seventies band with 2 ex couples that I could mention.
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