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Tonight was my first show on the tour and I loved every second of it. Crowd was kinda lame, but it'a a casino in Oklahoma so I kind of expected it. I did see a few folks singing along with the new stuff, and that pleasantly surprised me.

As for the "weird" interplay that crystalline mentioned-- when Lindsey said he never left FM, he was referring to the time AFTER "The Dance" (he talked about how he did band stuff and solo stuff to feed his artistic side). He was definitely not trying to claim that he NEVER left the band at all.

As for the "had my way with her songs" comment, I think they were both laughing about it. They both seemed in great spirits and it showed in their performance. Definitely hoping they add more shows to the tour, as I would love to see it again!

One final note: I'm impressed that they didn't play it totally safe with the set list. Sure, those of who have seen Lindsey solo have heard many of these versions before, but I'm really surprised we got "Wish You Were Here" and "Hold Me"-- not to mention the fact that there was no "Don't Stop" or "World Turning." Crowd really seemed to dig "Too Far Gone" tonight, and I'm very happy they opted for that instead of "W.T." I thought all of the new material sounded FANTASTIC tonight.
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