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From my post in an old thread about Christine's Tusk songs.

Two of my friends responded to this query. I thought their responses were interesting, PARTICULARLY my Friend #2's distillation of Tusk.

Friend #1:
Part of the difficulty is Christine's consistent songwriting excellence which immediately points to her deft grasp of the lite-pop idiom that shines in "Think About Me" and "Never Forget." I always thought "Over and Over" was the most exquisitely produced track on Tusk which leaves the profoundly simple (simply profound?) "Honey Hi" and the amazing sensuality of "Brown Eyes." Up against the wall, I'd have to pick "Over and Over."
Friend #2:
I'm gonna say "Never Forget" - which I never thought I'd say - this is after listening to Tusk twice all the way through
Then, after hearing the result of the poll:

I think "Brown Eyes" was my favorite after the FIRST listen. I mean, it's all perfect! Among so many other things, the album is a peerless epic of friendship. The purely spiritual harmonies that link Lindsey, Stevie, and Christine's voices and perspectives also validate each individual performer/songwriter's deepest humanity. On Rumours, each of the three certainly had a compelling story to tell; on Tusk, each one comes to represent a distinct state of lovers' consciousness.
"They love each other so much, they think they hate each other."

Imagine paying $1000 to hear "Don't Dream It's Over" instead of "Go Your Own Way"

Fleetwood Mac helped me through a time of heartbreak. 12 years later, they broke my heart.

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