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Originally Posted by Ench View Post
I would expect that all the writers, i.e. the whole band, will receive equal payment for the use of the music. Whether that is fair or not, that's how royalties and shared credit work.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe that's the way it would work at all in this case. Songwriting for Fleetwood Mac's songs are nearly all credited to individuals (Green, Spencer, Kirwan, songwriters whose work they covered - or whoever else may own the copyright to the songs), and not to the band as a whole. So those individuals get the songwriting royalties, which generally earn a bit more than any other form of royalties from music - this is why disputes over songwriting credits can be so contentious and have torn apart more than one band over the years. So for Fleetwood Mac, the band members would not receive equal payment by a long shot.

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