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Originally Posted by elle View Post
at this moment, these are the songs that i'd like to have as a part of the setlist (not in order) -

• Turn it On
• In Our Own Time
• Wrong
• One Take
• Down on Rodeo
• Come
• New song
• Gift Of Screws
• Bleed to Love Her
• To Try for The Sun
• What Makes You Think
• Walk A Thin Line
• Wait For You
• Red Rover
• The Ledge
• Go Insane
• Never Going Back Again
• Big Love
• Right Place to Fade
• You Do or You Don't or Gone Too Far
• Request portion of the show – 2 songs
• I'm so Afraid
• Oh Well
• Go Your Own Way

• Holiday Road
• Rock Away Blind
• That’s The Way Love Goes
• Love is Here to Stay
i want to replace So Afraid with Murrow. combination of Come and Murrow is nicely covering for what So Afraid does. and i really don't want that slow NGBA. replace it with OWTS. maybe OWTS should be somewhere at the beginning.

also, Rock Away Blind needs to be somewhere in the set, and i don't see it above......

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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