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Originally Posted by Lola View Post
I'm sorry you suffered through that. I didn't expect to read anything like that in response to my post. At first I thought about not responding cause I don't know what to say but that didn't feel right. All I can say is I'm so sorry bad things happened to you. Sincerely. Hugs to you.

As for LB--- I'll cont to support him whole heartedly!
Really, thank you so much for the kind words. Support from others are what is getting me through this, with also the help of a professional.

I know that it's hard to write back to things like that. So, thank you for having the courage to do so. I'd give you a hug back if I could!

Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Thanks for sharing, fleetwoodguy79. The power of music should never be underestimated. You will get through this.

If it's not too personal, I would love to know some of the songs that helped you during that difficult time.
Indeed. Music has changed my life for the better and I know that I'm not alone (or wrong...).

Not too personal of an ask --

The two albums that spoke to me most were "Tusk" and "Out of the Cradle". Any song that felt like healing of pain was like a warm blanket for me. I would listen to those CDs with my headphones on in bed all through the night sometimes just to try and sleep and shut off my brain. It felt like my body was the cause (even though I was 10) and as someone that young, it's terrifying to think that something is wrong with you that you can't fix and can't talk to anyone about.

On "Tusk", the songs that most helped were, "Storms", "Brown Eyes", "Honey, Hi", "Beautiful Child", and "Walk a Thin Line".

When I found Out of the Cradle, there were so many songs that helped me though it was very uncool at that time (mid-late 90s) as a kid to enjoy that kind of music. Remember, grunge was still in and hard-edge music was the thing to listen to.

"Surrender the Rain" and "Street of Dreams" were amazing songs for me. "Turn it On" also had something behind the words and melodies that helped me face the day -- I remember listening to it on repeat after a bad night on the bus the next morning.

I'll lastly share... I went to one of Lindsey's solo shows last year with my wife. I was not prepared for it.

When Lindsey started playing "Surrender the Rain", I lost it in the middle of the theater. Completely lost it. I couldn't move. Sobbing uncontrollably. It was so moving. All of those memories flooded back to me at once -- the positive ones -- about how much I had to cling to that song to live. It was a warm blanket in that moment again, too. My wife is an amazing human being for putting up with me like that.

That's the power of music. Thanks for listening, I really appreciate the support; and that's also why I'm "done".
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