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Originally Posted by jeets2000 View Post
In the context of this post's original topic, "who has given up," and expanding that a bit to, well, the band itself, I found this write-up about Aerosmith's Vegas residency to be pretty interesting. I am no fan of theirs and agree with the Vulture writer who put them near the bottom of the Hall's 200+ inductees, but nevertheless, stuff like this is nice to hear:

Glad someone is still taking this stuff seriously. Even if it's Aerosmith!

I appreciate your comment , and understand

My reason for this thread was that i had been away from life and music for a long while , and Fleetwood Mac brought me back in 2009 ... for that I'm thankful but the disappointment of all this bullshjit is so childish , we are all after all 70 + or almost years old , and FM are acting like children

i expected more from them

guess we are all human , ,but thats still no excuse for how they treated Lindsey
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