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Originally Posted by TheWildHeart67 View Post
She doesn't need to change anything at this point, as her stage show still packs a huge crowd. She's almost 71. She will retire soon. Her legacy is sealed. Many people on these boards may hate her, but the general public likes her, and the critics pretty much like her these days.
This is the reality, isnít it? How many casual fans do I know whoíve seen FM on this latest tour and raved about how good Stevie was. They were going for her. She is, as Christine says, a brand. When Lindsey was on stage with them, he often reminded those masses that there was something else to admireóand their awe surprised them. But it wasnít and isnít enough to make them care that heís gone. She is the draw. I donít like acknowledging this, but thereís no way around it. Masses care about FM because sheís fronting them.

Itís a shame, really: BuckVie was so lively and rich but so few cared.
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