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Originally Posted by elle View Post
general audiences go to see the show so they can say they saw Fleetwood Mac and for the singalongs. they have no clue who is or ever was in the band, just that the legendary band is one of those bucket list items and this looks to be their farewell tour.

can't tell you how many times i saw stuff like "although Lindsey Buckingham is not with them on this tour, and i really wanted to hear her sing Landslide."

then there are Stevie hardcores who never went to see FM before, just SN solo, and now they go to 5-10 shows i guess to prove how important she is. and then there are AHS fangirls.

yes, most of the east coast show reviews very very balanced and actually made sense. they were still very gentle considering how crappy most of these songs now sound, but still, at least they didn't paste from the FM marketing sheets.
some have been twisting their panties in knots over this speculation that reviews using exact same wording from one to the other have been pasting from marketing materials sent to them.

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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