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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
TrueFaith77, the implication was that if Lindsey hadn't been fired, then FM would never stoop to playing in Las Vegas. Not that FM is scheduled to perform long term in Vegas, nor is there anything wrong with making money. But just like Lindsey agreed to play the two big festivals last year for money, I have no doubt he would have been willing to play in Vegas for the money, too. And again, nothing wrong with that.
That was not the implication. Lindsey has played Vegas many times.

However, I have no doubt Lindsey would never have agreed to do a Celine and take up residence in Vegas. Still, I said that he would complain I did not say that he would never do it, but he would put up a fight.

Spending a Saturday night playing a one-off corporate gig is an entirely separate matter.

Furthermore my point has as much to do with holograms as it did with Vegas. I do not think that Lindsey would employ holograms and old footage to pad a show and give it that loungey feel.

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