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Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - I Loved Another Woman
Mr. Wonderful - Stop Messin' Around
Then Play On - Before The Beginning (Oh Well is amazing but BTB is a stronger song all around. It's easily Peter's best work as a songwriter and one of the top Mac member written songs ever.)
Fleetwood Mac In Chicago - Like It This Way
Kiln House - One Together
Future Games - Future Games
Bare Trees - Dust
Penguin - Night Watch (This song never gets the credit it deserves. Bob's lyrics and vocals are so bittersweet. Peter's guitar work compliments Bob's words too. Just amazing and intuitive playing.)
Mystery To Me - Hypnotized/Why (I can't choose which is better. Why is a stronger written song but Hypnotized is wonderfully layered in its production.)
Heroes Are Hard To Find - Bermuda Triangle
Fleetwood Mac - Crystal (The song is the first real example of the infamous Fleetwood Mac sound. They were able to take a good song from the Buckingham Nicks album and make it even better.)
Rumours - The Chain (This song exemplifies Fleetwood Mac even though nobody knew they were doing it at the time. The message from it, the piecing together of several songs into one, the vocals and instrumentation.)
Tusk - Beautiful Child (Stevie's best writing for a Fleetwood Mac song. Lindsey's production pushes it even further.)
Mirage - Gypsy (If I were to pick one song that Lindsey "put on his back" and took to a level that nobody else could have, it would be Gypsy. NOBODY would have been able to make that song as good as it is. It would not be a classic had it been a Stevie solo effort.)
Tango In The Night - Little Lies (Based on the demos, Christine had a solid idea of what she wanted out of the song. Lindsey took it and did everything right to make it a hit and one of the band's most popular songs ever. I hope that one day somehow a true instrumental version finds it way to my ears.)
Behind The Mask - Save Me
Time - Winds Of Change
Say You Will - Destiny Rules
Extended Play - Sad Angel (An all-time great FM song that shouldn't have been Lindsey's last contribution with the band.)
Buckingham McVie - Carnival Begin
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