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Originally Posted by David View Post
It's one of Lindsey's best. It's a kick—a funny Zevonesque way to gripe about the current state of things. Jackson Browne wishes he could have been so succinct and tone-aware.

There's no truth in my lies
There's no light in my eyes
And it's all I guess
That I'll ever miss

It's political in the best sense: a critique embedded in a good-natured, foursquare musical expression of conservatism.

The widespread dismissal of the song has always puzzled me. Maybe everyone really has gone to the moon.
but of course!

i love the lyrics, but melody and music is where it is for me in a song. and boring melody and music and performance and Nicks' nasal voice is making it drilling the holes in my ears and making them bleed. so while i LOVE slightly political Lindseylyrics (as opposed to all his regular love-whining), i can happily read it but i can't listen to this song. i mean Doing What I Can lyrics are as stupid and as lazy as they come right? but i adore the sound of the song and its tempo and its music.

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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