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Originally Posted by elle View Post
exactly! more accurately, just turned 17 and had her first hits and a huge buzz at 16.

what exactly was Stevie Nicks doing at 16? not even joining Lindsey yet to sign at HS event? so why call Billie hugely talented, way more than Stevie, laughable?

Stevie who was a commercial star of her era, was not exactly "cool" at the time - the way she became to be viewed now. Billie started as and is already "cool" now with teenagers. she's not your built up commercial pop star of the day. of course question is what will be next for her, after becoming so huge while still so young.
Stevie was in high school at 16, like most people lol. Doesn’t make her any less talented than anyone because she was in school at the age she should’ve been in school. Britney Spears who never wrote a single one of her famous songs and whose voice was autotuned to the heavens was hugely famous at 16. Does that make her more talented than Stevie?
I’m in my early 20s myself and I’ve never heard of this Billie person by name so I guarantee you she’s not huge lmao. She’s another one of those indie/alternative white girl singers that everyone thinks are “cool” but the issue is that there’s about 500 of them and they’re all practically interchangeable and so very few of them turn into a big thing. Stevie was popular because in addition to her talent, she was something unique. Her lyrics, her style in music, her whole aesthetic and the way she presented herself was something that stood out to people because it was different.
You can hate Stevie all you want and think she’s some evil devil who conspired to ruin Lindsey’s life, I’m not even crazy about her as a person anymore myself. But literally you can’t deny her talent and uniqueness and how she made herself into a success. It’s even more impressive considering that at the time, she wasn’t taken seriously. She got all the same, sexist criticism that any pretty girly female who dares to be feminine in music today gets (see: Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande etc) but became an icon anyways.
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