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Words matter. Statement analysis 101.
I have never heard from anyone including Mick that Lindsey signed a contract to tour in 1987. Lindsey is smarter than that. He did not breach a contract because he never signed any contract. The statements thrown around from Mick's book and elsewhere are "contracts were signed." (What kind of contracts? T- shirt, promotion, hotel rooms?, etc.) However, they never mention what contracts and by whom were they signed? See my point. If Lindsey had signed a contract and then tried to back out of it, Mick and others would have said "Lindsey was contractually obligated to tour and he signed the contract agreeing to such tour dates, etc."

I hope that makes me more clear.

Personally I don't think Lindsey even ever orally agreed to tour. I say this because I heard with my own ears in May/June 1987 that Lindsey said there were "NO PLANS to tour at this time. There is silence about the matter and I don't know exactly what that means." Did it leave the door open to tour? Of course! Did it close the door? NO

YES of course there was lots of talk about touring including Lindsey. However when the time line was closing, the band realized they did not have firm commitment from Lindsey. Thus the meeting at Christine's house "Sh*t or get off the pot moment. Stevie tried her best to convince Lindsey to tour which then turned ugly.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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