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Originally Posted by jmn3 View Post
IMO it’s up to the band to address this stuff and prevent the spread of hate and anger. And they should do it pronto. If they weren’t ready to go public yet, then whomever told Billy Burnette should have kept their mouth shut. The cats out of the bag now. Attempts to sidestep questions about Lindsey’s departure are going to make it worse.

I’m hoping for a Buckingham tell-all in depth interview. After this I truly can’t see him ever going back again to work in any way with any of them. So I hope the man gets his story out there and helps drive the narrative instead of just letting the other side do it.
Yes, I think the problem now is that Billy leaked it out. It wasn't very mature of him to spill everything in advance of the band, even if he was offended that they didn't call him.
The strange fact is that surely his profile isn't run by him himself so it was premeditated, not a rash decision.
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