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Originally Posted by Jondalar View Post
Thatís the special thing about Call Me By Your Name - itís very artful. The music, the scenery and the whole tone just captures the perfect summer. The affair just sorta happens and then itís over. But it makes you want to go to Italy.

Iím really happy that Luca is directing Suspiria. He is all about atmosphere. He is perfect for it. The vivid colors in the original is right up Lucas sleeve. Everything has to beautiful, sort of like Argento. And he makes sound and music as important as Argento. Trying to wrap my head around how Melanie Griffithís daughter got in he movie though.
Then one day I'll give it a try, I'm always suspicious about movie's portrayals of Italy in the world because either they try too hard and end up being abstruse like "The Great Beauty", or they give a too simplistic and slightly cartoonish depiction like "Eat Pray Love".

About Suspiria, I just don't support the concept of "remake" itself, I usually think they're just an excuse to gain money without putting imaginative effort in a project. I believe that the only acceptable way to "remake" a movie would be to totally distance from the precedessor doing something totally new with the original idea, however in this case it wouldn't end up being a remake at all but a work "loosely based on -".
Exactly, Dakota Johnson????
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