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Originally Posted by Milane View Post
I agree that it's more important to capture vibe/spirit rather than cast someone who resembles the person. However, for the three singer/singwriters, I feel like their voice and songwriting style is a very important part of their persona. So I would actually go and try to cast singers who can act, especially for Stevie and Christine.
I'm not sure any actor/singer is really going to be able to capture the vocal qualities of Stevie and Christine, but I could be wrong. I like the idea of them lip-syncing to existing recordings better. Or perhaps, if we find singers with uncannily similar voices, have them record the music, and have the actresses lip-sync to it? It'd probably be much more plausible and have success be much more likely if they find a brilliant vocalist and a brilliant actor in two separate artists, rather than trying to find one who can "do it all" and inevitably compromising in some way.
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