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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
She says her brother has psychic abilities too. I don't know if Christine does, if she has ever said that she can see into the future, but they say she has healing abilities. If her mother got rid of a neighbor's cancer by letting the neighbor wear her gloves, that's all the more reason why Christine should have at least paid a brief visit to Lindsey after his surgery. Laid hands on him or his chest or larynx. Let him slip his hand inside her glove.
Somewhere in one of the gazillion interviews she's given, Christine has said she does not possess her mother's psychic abilities; however Mick says she does have the healing touch. In his first autobiography, he remembers having a seizure at a Tusk Tour press conference. Christine massaged his shoulders and the seizure abated. Reporters were said to be baffled.
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