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(Replying to Kyle)

If you listen to the interview posted "Christine's Island Discs" she does talk at length about her mother's psychic abilities and how she just wanted to have a normal mother. Although her mother kept much of this part of her life private but there would be all kinds of strangers showing up at the house, etc.
As far as details about the "orange grove" she talked about this during a 1988 Rockline interview with the band to promote the "Greatest Hits" album. It seems Stevie likes to mention it more than Christine. It was brought up as a question to ask if the album cover was an orange blossom in related to the "orange grove." Christine said the album cover was not related to her mother but I believe the cover is an orange blossom? (I forget).

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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