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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
Is there an interview where Christine discusses the details of her Mother's prophesy.
I don't know if there is, but there are interviews where she discusses her mother's psychic abilities. She just did one this year. I remember old stories about her mother curing a neighbor's TERMINAL cancer completely or getting rid of a wart or some such thing. She said she had a huge wart on her nose and her mother put a finger on it and the next day it was gone.

She says her brother has psychic abilities too. I don't know if Christine does, if she has ever said that she can see into the future, but they say she has healing abilities. If her mother got rid of a neighbor's cancer by letting the neighbor wear her gloves, that's all the more reason why Christine should have at least paid a brief visit to Lindsey after his surgery. Laid hands on him or his chest or larynx. Let him slip his hand inside her glove.

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