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Originally Posted by BlanketMan View Post
It's a pet peeve of mine when people throw out made-up numbers like this based on nothing factual whatsoever.

I've been an FM fan since the 70s, and a Finn fan since True Colours came out in 1980. I would concede that I'm almost certainly in the minority of the "FM concert ticket-buying public," but do we really only make up 10% of the Mac fanbase? Nah, not buying that.
That's great for you but it's not exactly a secret that the overwhelming majority of ticket-buyers at a Mac concert are people who like Dreams, GYOW, etc and want to see at least what mostly resembles Fleetwood Mac (basically as long as Stevie is there) play those songs. I've read about on other tours when songs like Say Goodbye were played, it seemed as if half the crowd didn't know the lyrics/looked bored. Those people don't even know who Peter Green is, Neil Finn certainly isn't going to be on their radar. FWIW, I doubt they'll care much about Mike Campbell either unless they're fans of TPATH, but Neil Finn just isn't that well known to most people if they don't follow that specific circle of music he's in.

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