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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
BTM and Time are decent albums. Not great, though. I think they're both as good as SYW.

A GREAT album holds together as a cohesive unit. The running order works. The songs even fit together as a unit. You want to listen to it's entirety in one sitting.

I think White through Tango do that. Nothing forward is a great album. Good, but not great.
In fact, I'm really loving Time, and I have no doubts is a good album. As you say, good but not great!

Originally Posted by brucewayne View Post
I would never pay to see this version of Fleetwood Mac, nor would I buy any albums if they even have it in them to try and make any.

On the other hand, I would shell out money for Lindsey Buckingham music.
I read on the Rolling Stone something like "you want to see FM musicians playing FM songs, and you want to hear Traffic musicians playing Traffic songs". This was about Dave Mason's days on the band. Maybe the same applies to the present band. I wouldn't go to a FM show to hear songs from another bands...But it's what's happening now!
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