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Originally Posted by vivfox View Post
Yes I have to agree. Also the Stevie Nicks Red Rocks Live video was the exact same hatchet job. Both of those videos should have never seen the light of day. I remember an article I had cut out from a magazine where the editors of one of those video's described how tough it was to piece the video together with all the removals and added in parts. He said it was excruciating to watch.
Those videos were shockers. They were the low point of craftsmanship from Fleetwood Mac, a band that had come to be known for its craftsmanship and conscientiousness. One of the most amazing satisfactions that The Dance gave us—apart from the joy of seeing the five together and working—was the return of their fabled craftsmanship. The care and concern for detail was apparent in every part of the reunion (that ability to make the worked-out sound fresh and almost ad hoc, which Rumours also had).

Weren’t those two Callner concert videos actually called “Cream Cheese Productions”? The irony gods couldn’t have been laughing any louder.
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