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Despite how valid the Lindsey/Stevie feud has been, a small part of me still thinks this entire drama is one huge PR stunt staged by managers with the hope of launching another "The Dance" style REUNION. But, now a pesky little heart attack has left everything in limbo.

Picture it, Lindsey is tired of playing the same old rinse, wash, repeat set list with Fleetwood Mac. He needs a break, but doesn't want to throw away his cash cow forever. Stevie and Mick, ever the cash grabbers, can't stand to just sit home. Stevie's friend Mike, who has just lost his cash cow (Tom Petty), needs to keep busy. Mick's friend Neil (who had two hit songs over 30 years ago) just needs some money. Enter management--let's stage yet another "feud" within a band already known for drama. Lindsey gets a break for solo material from "the small machine", Mick and Stevie get to keep touring and throw in some pre75 tunes, a couple of sidemen make some money----PRESTO! Everyone is happy.

Fast forward to 2022. It's time for a DANCE STYLE REUNION that will double as a FAREWELL TOUR with the 5 members of the Rumours lineup. We can have long, teary eyed speeches about forgiveness, how we are "destined to be in a band together", etc... You know the routine, you've bought tickets to this sh*t show for years.

THEN.........a pesky little heart attack leaves everything in question.

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