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Originally Posted by David View Post
Don't they realize we're laughing at them, not with them?
I don't think they care. Only Lindsey showed real concern for the band's posterity and ongoing reputation. The rest of them prefer to rake in cash from the "I'm-a-casual-listener" masses. What bothers me is not one of the primary sources of music journalism have called them out on this. The presentation has been somewhat neutral while recognizing that Lindsey was their primary creative force. What would have been nice is for, say, Rolling Stone to go on record saying how lame the "new" covers band really is. Christine recently admitted that she's always game to record new work and would be ready at any time to do so, but she sold her soul to the company store (Mick's famed metaphor).

There have been a few accurate articles, one especially from The Guardian. But nothing from all the rags that are too afraid to offend the newly-inducted RRHOF Stevie, her thuggish management team, or the remaining Brits as they disavow the one man who kept them on their toes.

So lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. And dull. Did I mention how dull all of this is?

I'll go listen to BuckVie for the gazillionth time.
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