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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
Yep. Nothing about the new lineup is interesting. Nothing is generative. Nothing is worth reporting. Just the bull that Mick hopes will get the masses in seats. So dull. So callous.
So dull, is right. Everything they have all said since the new band went on TV has all been corporate-approved publicity. I find it really mind numbing. I think someone is in a glass office feeding them words and phrases. Are they all trying to refashion Fleetwood Mac into a nondrama band? If they are, it isn't working, because these toothless articles all drudge up the old drama as if it were yesterday. Why this damn worry about "damaging the brand"? Searing honesty, cattiness, and drama have never damaged this brand. Why won't Christine say what she really thinks? Why won't Stevie? Why doesn't Mike Campbell - who never had a moment's interest in the pop fluff catalog of 1977-era Fleetwood Mac - talk about what it's really like for him to play Say You Love Me and Everywhere every night? He can't be enjoying it - I'd bet my carnival glass on it. He said last year that he "prefers" the Peter Green catalog, but it was practically said as an aside, very politically and subtly, not meant to ruffle any feathers in this walking-on-eggshells environment. (This is the true chicken coop era of the band.) The Fleetwood Mac corporation is going for the blandest possible display of togetherness, and it's really so comical. Don't they realize we're laughing at them, not with them?
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