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Originally Posted by Storms123 View Post
He seems to live a rather grandiose lifestyle and therefore "regularly" files for bankruptcy. Lindsey has kept him gainfully employed over the years when FM was on the back burner., and let him live in his driveway when he was in a bad way...Lindsey's health issues aside, I am pretty sure he's not calling up MF asking him to play on his next album, should there be one (am so hopeful there is). Being CH new drummer makes a ton of sense. Mick needs to be kept up in the lifestyle he's accustomed too.
Christine has bailed him out on plenty of occasions as well-- $100k here, $100k there.... One can feel pretty confident he's unlikely to have ever paid any of it back -- or even offered to (which Chris would probably have turned down, telling him no need to pay it back) but at least offering to pay it back would be the classy thing to do.
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