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I've seen a couple of fairly positive reviews of the Dublin show. I don't know about any other UK ledgies, but I'm not feeling any twinges of regret about not going to Wembley. Had Lindsey walked out of the band or been incapacitated and then replaced, I would have felt differently. It's still FM and although I have loved nearly every incarnation of the band, my heart wouldn't have been in it.

Added to this is the fact that some of the most interesting set selections have been dropped. I don't blame the band for that so much- more the ignorance of the majority of the audiences they attract...

But hey, Shane McGowan! I was lucky enough to see him perform with the Pogues in a Christmas show at the Brixton Academy a number of years ago, and he was on top form.
To lose Lindsey Buckingham once may be regarded as a misfortune, to lose him twice looks like carelessness.
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