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Back in the 80s (yes, I'm in my forties), I used to gag every time I read one of Paul McCartney's annual "Why I Wrote 'Yesterday'" interviews. Well, since 1998, I've gagged every time I wade through 2-5 paragraphs of "What It Was Like Recording 'Rumours'" in any article related to FM or one of its individual members (of the famous five).

Seriously, in 2019, do we NEED this anymore? Can't we just say, "Please ask you grandmother what it was like for the band back then?"

If you take out the band's heyday, what else do you have? Old people rehashing that heyday.

Getting rid of Lindsey may have been (for them) a necessary evil for continuing their cash grab tours but it was REALLY bad for the band brand and any fresh relevance it might have still had...

I guess this sentiment is almost as repetitive as the "we did cocaine" stories...
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