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Originally Posted by elle View Post
interesting that this is on Mick's mind. probably with a good reason - and it not being the 6 million for Glasto appearance that Eavis said FM asked for and can forget about ever getting anywhere near that much. not everything's about money for everyone like it is for FM, Mick, their management, and apparently some of the fans here.

guess Isle of Wight paid about that (their organizer was clear they got them in 2015 because they were willing to pay way more than Glasto).
He's such a charlatan. He's just looking for the next meal ticket. Probably because he's bankrupt (morally and otherwise). I love the Glasto folks are not willing to cow tow to him (or so it seems) Can someone please ask him if he's willing to take the "pay cut" to play Glasto before he burns.
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