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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
Hey, I hear ya. I have the complete Blue Horizon Chicken Shack discs (and the first two individual ones) and enjoy them. To me, she is the main draw. They'd have otherwise been interchangeable from any number of blues acts from that time. Critic Samuel Graham called their albums "torpid" and typical of lesser acts from the British Blues Boom--but that's probably too harsh. I just think they're merely competent in comparison to Mac's blues offerings.

You are right that the band chose McVie's "It's Okay with Me Baby" as its first single, but I thought Vernon said in the liner notes to the above compellation that this was determined by a coin toss. I know Vernon always held her work in high regard, more so, perhaps, than Webb himself. By the time "I'd Rather Go Blind" was chosen as a single, the critics and the fans--as I mentioned in the first of our post conversations--had made their interest in her singing and playing well known.
Do you think Stan Webb was annoyed with Christine leaving (at the time)? I can appreciate he possibly looks back now with some bitterness about how their careers panned out, but how did he feel at the time? On the one hand I can imagine him being p****d off that the singer that brought the band some success wanted to leave. On the other hand I wonder whether he felt overshadowed by I'd Rather Go Blind's success and therefore not too displeased with her leaving. I tend to get the feeling he had a chip on his shoulder and may have had his nose put out of joint by Christine being a big draw. After all, I'm sure at the time he probably thought they were going to be a success with or without her.
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