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Originally Posted by lazy poker View Post
thanks for sharing your interesting opinion, aleuzzi.
i only know that christine was asked by stan webb to join the band - did she state herself that this was just for backing purposes?
what i can't go along with, though, is your judgement on the shack's rhythm section. but as this aspect is simply another story and quite a bit off-topic here, i don't want to dive any deeper into it.
Yeah, I'm one big opinion today. Sorry if I offended.

Christine has said in a few interviews the band were looking for a pianist to fill out the sound. Her singing was a plus, but not the main attraction. Or maybe she was just being modest? In another interview she said Chicken Shack was "all over" when she left, so I'm thinking she wasn't.

We can agree to disagree about the rhythm section, which I think is competent but not especially inspired either.

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