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Originally Posted by michelej1 View Post
Nancy, do you know someone in particular who wants to join the forum?

Several people on Facebook said they tried and gave up. There was one person in particular who mentioned it and I said I would inquire here on her behalf. That was why I posted about it last week. However, now she says she is no longer interested, so I guess not in that case!

It's a generalized problem, as you can see from the lack of new members. From what I understand, those who have applied have all gotten as far as "under review." Then, they either do not hear back at all, or appear to have been rejected. I say "appear" because it seems to be a bit of confusion about that.

Now, you might say, "if you don't know someone in particular at this point, why do you care, Nancy?" Well, as an old school Ledgie, I hate the idea that new membership has been brought to a screeching halt and will apparently remain that way indefinitely until this problem is resolved.
- Nancy

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