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Originally Posted by dreamsunwind View Post
I actually understand where you're coming from. There's so many articles in some variation of this going around now it just comes across as too much. But part of me thinks it might be just different websites are using the same original source.
yes. it's big trending news and everyone is jumping on it. it's a nice distraction from people's everyday lives and worries: bunch of old rock star millionaires still fighting like petty children? and with some clear rights and wrongs? if there were not gonna be FM movies made before, this practically guarantees it!.

the only thing LB camp put out there is RS interview. and they filed the lawsuit. which they didn't make public, RS did.

all the quotes, emails, exhibits, etc - it all comes from those 2 sources. Lindsey's email to Mick was disclosed as a part of the lawsuit filing. different articles just quote different parts from RS interview and the lawsuit. that's why you go to the source - RS article plus the lawsuit that RS dug out and made public - and you will know everything you need to know. you will also know that all the articles are just pulling from those 2 sources and giving their own spin of the day.

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