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Well the only light I can cast on this is that he did the R&R thing at the Lyceum Ballroom gig -the April 1970 one (there was another one over a year before) This was the only concert out of the ones I saw, where there was a discreet section for this . What I do remember is Peter doing anouncement that they had a very special guest with them tonight and then the band went into a vamp waiting for the guest to come on which he didnt, so they kept on vamping till he did eventually come on . Now I don't truly remember if Jeremy had a special out fit on , but it would only need jacket a ,not the whole suit and any 50's jacket would do- perhaps Jeremy had a selection -but I feel he would have worn something special, otherwise why the big build up ?? I don't remember if he did Elvis ,but Id like to think he did ! Why wouldnt he,if it was a special section of the show ?I do remember it was just sensational As some very wise person here said, with this Fleetwood Mc line up you had three bands for the price of one, and I would sub divide this: with Jeremy you had two different acts for the price of one (on the occasions he chose to do this )As far as I know no tape of this concert has emerged, which is a great shame as this was the best concert by anyone that I have eve seen ! Dinky Dawson or someone seems to have recorded the other concerts in London around this time .Does this one exist somewhere ?I hope so !

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