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thanks for your reply, rich!

i'm not too sure about the actual songs jeremy performed wearing the suit - but indeed, i never thought about the aspect of changing clothes in this context. THOUGH . . . remember that jeremy wasn't even onstage for a considerable amount of songs dominated by peter green where he wouldn't contribute on slide guitar or maraccas. and he only played piano on rock'n'roll songs either. so i guess he had enough time to slip into that outfit.

furthermore there's the question at which point the gold-lamé suit had it's first introduction to the mac shows and for how long - was that a feature until spencer left the band?

so, jeremy - if you should read this . . .

apart from that i still can't understand why there are obviously so VERY few (as i said - i only know of two) pics from that part of the show. after all it must have been something of a sight, created quite a bit of a stir (and a laugh) and was talked about a lot.

talking of which - has anybody ever seen ONE SINGLE picture of the even more legendary harold (the dildo)?

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