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@Sugar Mouse that helps bring me more up to date with his recent catalogue, thanks.

I may remember 'I Got You' being in the charts but really only became aware of Split Enz just as they were breaking up. When I listen to that work, or the live versions, the punk influence is more notable to me now. On 'Missing Person' etc.

(They really were offbeat and eccentric - apparently Australian audiences didn't know what to make of them in the beginning. Which is no surprise! But they did prove their music worth.)

Neil's a master of lyricism and subtexts. As well as crafter of enduring melodies. He manages to put in a twist and it just seems to mesh. The way I see it, not so far removed from the Mac style at times.

Was thinking, there should be something on forum devoted to him and what he's about, just not sure of suitable place for it. Neil's a powerful artist in his own right, and I don't think he'll just be simply 'standing in' for Lindsey. (Nobody should really try that anyway.)

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