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Originally Posted by BigAl84 View Post
I don't understand how all this crap about stale setlists falls back on Lindsey's shoulders.

Even the "new band" introduced "deep cuts" and guess what? those were cut too and replaced with "Gypsy"

That argument is complete bunk, IMO.

I'd bet some coin that it wasn't Lindsey's choice to cut "Running Through The Garden" or "Destiny Rules" in 2003/2004.
Didn't Mick mention in an interview that he wanted to put "Sisters" back in the set...this had to be in 2009 because I don't think it was during the SYW era. And he said "someone" vetoed him. I really can't imagine that was Lindsey's doing. Obviously, at some point "someone" was convinced to bring it back in 2013.

These people are conservative and boring in their song choices in general. Blaming Lindsey makes the least amount of sense. He has demonstrated a willingness to go out and play new songs and pull out obscure tunes. My problem with his choices is he gets hell bent on sticking with them - I Know I'm Not Wrong" being a prime example. Pull it out for a tour or two, but there are other options from the same album that could have been played as time went on.

The present incarnation of Fleetwood Mac had a perfect opportunity to shake the set up. They did briefly, and then almost immediately, they took most of the interesting choices and got rid of them. And, for the life of me, I will never understand how Christine continues to ignore her pre-1975 catalog. She has AMAZING songs that have been ignored for most of her career and instead chooses to play something off of Time on this tour.

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