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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
I posted the article. Yes, it's a very positive review of the present band's live shows that acknowledges none of this would have been possible without Lindsey.

It rightfully respects Flynn and Campbell, who are not responsible for this mess.

What it doesn't do--because it can't--is address where the heck this band will go beyond what it's doing right now. Besides making money on a very presentable package, what's next?

If there's no discussion of new music, Why bother?

If there is, by some miracle, even a few new songs, there would need to be an honest assessment of that new music in light of previous achievements under the guitarist they fired.

I guess what I'm saying is, a positive review like this is only addressing a single night's entertainment, allowing masses of casual fans who want to hear the songs they sort of adore when they're in the mood for them a night of bliss. Bravo.
Other than tour profits for as long as they are physically able to take the stage, I donít think this band is striving for anything more. I donít think they want to go beyond that. They want accolades for their past, but arenít looking to gain new ones, for new achievements.
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