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Default Parting Out Collection for price of S/H

Cleaning out the closet and paring things down. Any collectors out there? Have some books, a SYW tour teddy bear, 2004 calendar and some other stuff, couple of concert dvds. Let me know if interested and I will post more info, just reaching out right now to see if anyone out there still collects.

The Stevie Nicks binder is a photo album with 32 glossy print 8x10s including prints of her art work.

I just found three poster tubes full of posters too. They are mostly advertising and contest freebie stuff for albums from Rumours, Enchanted, TISL to SYW. There's a Sunday Break one in there too. I didn't want to take them out and unroll them all cuz they'll just get more beat up.

United States and PayPal only.

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