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Originally Posted by paleshadow View Post
I was there also, with my soon to be inlaws who had never seen the band live. They loved the show. I Would have loved to see Lindsey perform with the band again, but regardless of that, they sounded great and the packed audience seemed to respond well. There were a few songs I didn't love: "Gypsy" never sounds good to me live "You Make Loving Fun" sounded off to me, like it was in the wrong key. And "Do it all over" was nice as a duet, but isn't one of my favorites, and Chris sounded shaky on it to me.
This was my experience as well, every word minus the in-laws bit . "You Make Loving Fun" and "Gypsy" were definitely the low-lights, which is a shame because I love both songs. The former was surprisingly dull and Stevie really butchered Gypsy ("You say HEYYYYY babyyy" with the hand-waves made my entire body cringe).

Had a great time regardless, especially for "Oh Well" and "Black Magic Woman" and the majority of the other tunes. Haters gonna hate, and I can see where the frustration comes from, but I thought "Free Fallin'" was a blast despite it not being particularly well sung. Loved the energy in the room during that song.
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