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This has to be quick because I need to get up early tomorrow.
I had a crappy day and I was so NOT looking forward to the concert. I, last time at MSG was just not good for me, dawg, so ...(I'm loopy when I'm tired).

Anyway, after my stupid bus did not arrive and I had to race to the Garden to meet my buddies Torri and blackcat (sorry I missed you Keith), I actually entered the Garden. I used my chair as a coat rack, essentially, and planted myself at the stage. I had front row and was going to plant myself near my seat, but I thought--eh, I'll go for the gusto and move if they want me to. I planted myself between Lindsey and Stevie's mics. No one said a word. So, that's where I stayed. And I was very lucky. I had Pattie to my right and a lovely lady who I didn't know to my left. Both of them were great to stand with, really into the show and nice and quiet (except for the occassional scream--which I did a fair amount of, too).

Anyhow, the last two shows I went to--Lindsey was the total star. Stevie was better (much) in Philly than MSG I, but Lindsey was still the one who was giving his all and Stevie was probably at about 80% last time. Not tonight. She was GREAT. I was so proud of her. I think she has to know, on some level, that when we step into one of these places, we WANT her to succeed. And to have fun. And, when the third or fourth song came and she actually stepped closer to the edge of the stage than I had seen her at any previous concerts, and when she was smiling and ad-libbing stories--I knew this was going to be special.

There was not one song that she messed up on. There was not one song of hers that wasn't absolutely wonderful. Being between the mics is a tennis match because you kind of want to see what the other one is doing while one of them is singing. But, there were moments when I couldn't take my eyes off Stevie. She did a fabulous GDW--best one I've heard in ages. Did a lot of rather low "running in the shadows," "still in the shadows" "Moving in the shadows," before doing her Twyla Tharp dying swan-on-cocaine interpretative piece (heehee).

Silver Springs was back and awe-inspiring. LOVED it.

Storms was great. The harmony on "not all the prayers in the world could save us" was just beautiful and they both hung onto the notes for all they were worth.

And, during Sara, she sang the line "I'll go anywhere, ask me and I'll be there..." (I think I messed that up a little) directly to Lindsey. I have been so used to no contact that it was very obvious this time.

The Gypsy intro was very long, giving a list of people they worked she joined a group she didn't know Lindsey was part of, went two blocks to rehearse in Lindsey's house--which she didn't know was Lindsey's house, etc, etc. (all very cute) and then (rather jarringly) said "and that's what this song is about. That time, The Velvet Underground, back to the floor-with Lindsey in my bed..." (and yeah, I know she's been saying it for a while, but it's the first time I heard it--and in those particular words so it was...odd).

Then, she dedicated Landslide to PS 22's choir (who were "too young" to be there tonight) but sang Landslide to her. And there she told Lindsey she was going to tell a story and she didn't know if he knew this (and he shook his head) but when she played Landslide for Lindsey for the first time, and she doesn't play the guitar very well, and she'd play something and he'd play it back, and he played beautifully, and after they were done, she went in another room and cried at how beautiful it was. And, tonight, after hearing this choir, she burst into tears, too. So, she dedicated it to them and to Madison Square Garden and all the performers who performed in the hallowed halls, and all those to come. It was very sweet and very touching.

And, to sum up Stevie's part--I want her fingerless leather and sparkly gloves. I seriously want them. I think I would take them to work with me and do all my stuff with those things on. Who cares if I'm not a rock star. I'd have rock star gloves.

Stevie was wearing the frankenbots with these leather leg warmer type things that made them look like long boots. Lindsey did not wear a necklace (stop the presses!)
He dedicated Big Love to Kristen and Will who were "out there--somewhere" and who he loves very much.

He was a maniac, as usual. An absolute, brilliant maniac.

My only fault with him--the Big Love speech. Dear Lord--it's grown to 45 minutes! No wonder I had to run for my bus back home. Blah-blah-blah-redemption--loss of something or other--destruction of the western world--reconciliation--plague, pestilence, yada, yada. Geez, Louise. Just sing the damned thing already!

Uh...He came over many times to the area right above my head and nearly dripped on me. It's always exciting to see Lindsey sweat. Mick--not so much. Lindsey--bring it on.

John was in a good mood. Made a snipping motion with his fingers when Mick was twirling his balls--and that put me in a good mood. Actually, by song 4, I think all my troubles from this week disappeared.

And I'm forgetting a few Lindsey things. Oh, he was fiddling with the amp nobs when Mick was introducing him as their mentor, their something or other and Lindsey mock-looked up and said, "me?" when he was finally introduced.

And during Oh, Well, when the line "when I talk to God..." he looked way up and said, "hello." It was funny.

Oh, and Stevie forgot to do the Gypsy intro for a few moments. Lindsey walked up to her, told her and she sheepishly went to the mic and said she's 61 and forgets a few things ocassionally.

I think that's about it. It was a great, great show. I know I gave up my AC show---but, this was a very nice way to end the Unleashed tour, for me.

I'm very proud of all of them tonight.

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