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Back from tonight's show and it was fantastic!!! This was my 4th show this tour, but my first on the floor, 7th row directly in front of Lindsey in fact!

Anyway, I won't go into too many specifics, most of the same stuff that we all know and love. Here's a few other notes of interest that you guys may appreciate.

At the end of I Know I'm Not Wrong, Stevie had her back turned to the audience and appeared to be talking to John. Lindsey finished up his piece and the stage went dark and everyone (on stage) was waiting for Stevie to walk up to the mike to do the Gypsy intro. Well, she was in her own little world and completely oblivious to the fact that she was supposed to be at the mike, so Lindsey had to shuffle over and tell her she was up. She had the funniest look on her face and when she got up to the mike she said, "When you get to be 61 years old, sometimes you forget!" It was a cute moment.

Lindsey dedicated Big Love to Kristen and Will who were somewhere in the audience to my right as Lindsey pointed out. He then went into the longest intro to Big Love I've heard yet. Seriously, like 3 minutes long. We were joking that Stevie asked him to drag it out so she had more time for her wardrobe change.

Stevie dedicated Landslide to PS 22 and Mr. B. She started talking about how they were there earlier in the day and she made them all come up on stage so they can start to realize that dreams are attainable (something like that -- i'm paraphrasing.) Then she went into this story about how when she wrote Landslide she played it for Lindsey and he started tinkering around on the guitar playing it back to her and she was so amazed at how wonderful it was and how great a guitar player he was that she had to run to anther room because she started crying over how much it moved her. Again, paraphrasing slightly here -- but something close to that. I'm guessing she gave us that memory because she said when the kids performed Landslide for her today, she just started crying. I'm probably not remembering it verbatim, but hopefully someone has video of it.

Silver Springs was in!! It wasn't the best i've seen this tour, but I was thrilled Stevie went for it.

Well, those are the quick and dirty highlights from my vantage point. I do have some pics and I'll try to post some if others don't get to do it beforehand.

Oh, just a little pet peeve that I want to share to see if anyone else has experienced it. Why do people bring their YOUNG children (under 10!) to a concert that is in the evening during the week? And after an hour they were passed out on the seats. And these are the 200 bucks a pop seats. Just wondering what others thought about that.

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