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Originally Posted by pennylane View Post
The show was awesome! So much energy and love in the place. Chris was definitely playing a lot of keyboards, and Lindsey was his usual amazing self. They were interacting so much, it was a joy to see. GYOW, he was singing the "shackin up is all you wanna do" line to her, and she was mouthing, "No. YOU. It's all YOU wanna do." The funniest moment of the night for me came after his speech about them still having so much chemistry. He went in for a fist bump and she clearly had no idea what he was doing. She gave him a thumbs up instead, and he ended up lightly punching her knuckles and giving her a thumbs up back. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. And I would join the ranks of people cautioning you not to judge the sound by youtube videos. So different live.
Glad that those who went to the show last night are leaving their reviews! And they also enjoyed it so much! This thread became a declaration of war instead of a thread to post reviews in a matter of hours. Not that my opinion matters but, anyway...

Pennylane, you love personal details as much as I!

Thank you for all those small moments you were able to capture with your attentive eyes! I hope they do that GYOW thing on my concerts too!
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Lindsey Buckingham, May 11, 2018.
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